Our ‘Camper Van’

We finished the trail a bit early and have a week to spare so we decided to rent a car to explore a couple of bits that we hadn’t visited.

From Fred and Dave: ‘We guess you have hired a Britz Campervan now? You sell outs’. Britz is one of the thousands of companies that rent camper vans, a super popular way to travel around New Zealand (faster than walking, that’s for sure).

This was the scene at Lake Gunn campsite near Milford Sound. So many camper vans.


We made a video special for them to show them our ‘camper van’, complete with all the amenities.

Z, April 13th 2014


3 thoughts on “Our ‘Camper Van’

  1. I near wet me self watching this. Very funny and well thought out, you see what you can do when you are not walking every day. Maybe it’s the future?

  2. Luxe, luxe, luxe! Loved the video! Ha, ha, harrrr! Paradise, indeed. I guess it’s all abouit what you can compare it to! Where’s the pop-up roof and slide-out tail? Do you give other drivers a high five when passing … uphill?! I sure hope you don’t have a nose-mounted spare tire .. I’ve heard they can be considered an air bag. Well, watch out for the bike patrols … you don’t want to be pulled over. Too bad you shaved off the proper accessory. And … Please do not embarrass youself by checking out vehicle reflections in the shop windows. Some lovely person left me a little note on the windshield. It said, “Parking Fine.” Isn’t that nice?
    A joke: Hear about the Maori playing Dancing Queen on his didgeridoo? That’s Aboriginal!
    Oh, my … Entirely too much fun at your expenses! Must return to Real Life, and do the blessed taxes! Sending love! Mom/Kitty

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