New Measurements!

Back when we started, we decided to do a little experiment. Before we left, we took measurements of our bodies to see if walking 3000km would change them.

The results are in:


Basic conclusions:

  1. Z’s butt shrank while mine has grown.

  2. Both of our bellies shrank, Z shrinking by 7cm.

  3. My upper body shrank. Z’s chest shrank(insert easy joke here), but arms grew.

M, 12 April 2014


One thought on “New Measurements!

  1. Basic Conclusions (resisting scatological comments):
    1. Probably good thing,.
    2. Starving is not good. Nor hunger.
    3. Undoubtedly due to all that poling.
    Coif? Oh. Calf! Never mind! (Sorry!) Interesting your diagram shows you the same height.
    Where are you now?

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