South Island Mailboxes

The North Island really delivered when it came to snazzy mailboxes. The South Island is something of a disappointment by comparison, but this is because we walked so few road miles on the South Island.

Regardless, I’ve kept my mailbox-dar activated, and found the following good ones:


Excellent due to location alone.


Ha. You have to lift the udder to deliver mail.


Excellent detail work.


Simple, but well done.

Update: found another good one:


Don't ask me to explain it.


3 thoughts on “South Island Mailboxes

  1. Nifty! I like the scottie one best! Wonder if Scottish people live there? Could you find out???! Just walk back a mile or fifty! Well, it’s not so far in miles, right? Not! Come home! Missing you!

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  3. Re your last picture … I’m pretty sure I would not want him to tip his hat to me! But it sure does get your attention! Funny … weird more than ha-ha!

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