We know it’s late in coming, but we had the idea for this video in the North Island but never got around to making it. And when it got down to the last meals, it was either raining or too windy or we just weren’t eating P.O.P.  P.O.P stands for Plain Old Pasta. We’ve eaten it for at least 80% of our trail dinners. It’s some shape of pasta (elbows, penne, spirals, macaroni) cooked with nothing on it. No sauce. No butter. Only a dash of salt if we have it. I have to say that I am not sick of it. We made a video on Oreti Beach on how to make P.O.P on the trail. Enjoy!

Z, April 9th 2014


One thought on “P.O.P.

  1. Oh boy. Hot trail dinner. Quite interesting, and resourceful! Waste not, want not! Hope the spice collection added a bit! Sending love, Mom/Kitty

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